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  • Semra ÇETİN
  • Cuma ECE



Spartan women, Sports, Running, Hera Games


In this study, Spartan women's sports and their contribution to cultural development will be investigated. A literature review was made. It is stated that Spartan women were engaged in sports activities in times when it was forbidden for women to do sports and perhaps watch sports festivals for women in other nations. These sports branches included many sports such as running, chariot races, wrestling, discus throwing and arrow shooting. The first female athlete to win a medal in the ancient Olympics was a Spartan. They competed a lot, especially in the Hera games where women competed. Hera games were organized by women. Dedicated to the god Hera, the Hera Games originated as the first official women's athletics competition held at the Olympic stadium in Elis. The games that took place in the 6th century BC were probably held in the Olympic year before the men's games. Two famous female athletes, Atalanta and Kynisca, won the competitions. Atalanta has agreed to marry a suitor who can outrun her. It is stated that Kyniska was involved in activities such as running, jumping, puck and javelin throwing, and perhaps even wrestling. Kynisca won the chariot race twice, in 396 and 392 BC, becoming the first female Olympic champion. Conclusion: Spartan women broke the bans on women in the field of sports and took part in sports fields as both athletes and spectators. They organized sports events. Spartan women have an important role in the history of sports in that they oppose gender discrimination in sports at that time. The struggles of Spartan women in increasing women's participation in the field of sports should be constantly exemplified.



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