Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

  1. Original researches and compilations in the field of "Physical Education and Sport Sciences" are published in the journal.
  2. The language of the studies to be published in the journal is “Turkish or English”.
  3. In order for the studies to be published in the journal, they must be accepted by the referees and approved by the editors in terms of scientific content and form. Works that are not suitable for publication will be rejected.
  4. Questionnaires, tests, scales, etc. applied in the studies. If the reliability and validity studies of the methods have not been carried out, the applications will not be evaluated.
  5. The studies to be published in the journal must not have been published in any media before, the right of publication has not been granted, or "sent to be published in more than one journal at the same time". Responsibility for this matter belongs entirely to the author/authors.
  6. Scientific inconsistency, plagiarism, etc. in all studies to be published in the journal. The author(s) are responsible for the situations.
  7. The submitted work must have a similarity rate of 10% or less. The similarity report is obtained from “”.
  8. If author(s) in the editorial part of the journal submit an article, their authorization in the journal is taken for that issue. Access to the journal's interface is blocked to that author(s).


  1. Plagiarism, duplication, false authorship/denied authorship, research/data fabrication, article slicing, slicing, copyright infringement and concealment of conflict of interest are considered unethical behaviors.
  2. All articles that do not comply with accepted ethical standards are removed from the publication. This includes articles with possible irregularities and inconsistencies detected after publication.
  3. Reviewing before the previous article and choosing from ethical publication, COPE Ethical Values are taken into account: ETHICAL REQUIREMENTS