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  • Cemile Nihal YURTSEVEN İstanbul Cerrahpaşa Üniversitesi



Security, Risk Management, Sports, Sports Organizations, Management


Management and commercialization in sport If the situation is applied in a practical way and used correctly, a positive result is achieved. Safe management in sport; The management of internal security in sports competitions without jeopardizing, preventing violence and bad behavior in competitions and sports organizations, protecting the security of the state and society are included in the concept of sports management.Management as a dynamic discipline; It represents the optimal use of resources, organizing processes and activities of subordinates, delegating duties and responsibilities, and coordinating all resources through planning, organization, management and control, as it represents leadership in every organization. Management is the function of transferring ideas to the ultimate goal in sports or a sports organization.In this case, it can be said that the application of management in sports is the successful pursuit of the idea towards the realization of the goal. The basic condition of survival and welfare in sports management is to ensure safety and good organization of the organization. Every organization has its own unique security challenges, risks, and threats. The challenges, risks and threats to which an organization, especially sport, are exposed, and the responsibilities of the organization towards the environment in terms of security, significantly influence the management of sports, that is, how decisions are made regarding safety and protection. When the right management is applied in sports, it will be ensured that people, property and businesses are protected.



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